Friday, March 15, 2013

FREE Android app on Google play


You can download this FREE Android app on Google play. Insha Allah, we will share new apps in the near future.


  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum, Jazaak Allaahu Khayran for sharing the apps. if you can open source the code of above apps then many other Muslim brothers and sisters can collaborate and make these apps better and better, In Shaa' Allaah. Please get back to me, if we need to discuss...

  2. Jazakallah! I want to share a biggest Islamic app with a lot of features:
    Silence Zone feature turns your phone to silent when you enter in the Praying Area. It will enable the sounds when you leave the mosque!
    – Accurate Prayer Times according to Geographical Location
    – Digital Tasbeeh helps you to count your Zikr everywhere and anywhere
    – Find Nearest Mosque or praying area to your location
    – The Whole Quran, Audio Recitation and English & Urdu Translation.
    – Islamic Readings include: Hadees, Islamic Quotes, Six Kalmas, Dua and Haroof e Muqattat
    – Ramadan Portal with Ramadan Duas, Calendar, Deals, Timings and Alarms for Sehr & Iftar.
    – 99 Names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH)
    – Azaan
    – Namaz Counter
    – Qiblah Finder
    – Zakaat Calculator
    – Islamic Hijri Calendar
    – Islamic Events Calendar
    Everyone can download it from: Google Play